Using the Quark Adventure & Particle Adventure CD-ROM:

The Quark Adventure is an exhibition version of the larger Web-based Particle Adventure.It is designed to work on a fixed screen as small as 14 inches with resolutionas low as 640x480; all graphics are designed to display best with 16-bit color (or "Thousands"of colors on a Macintosh). The flip side of this is that if you are using a very large monitor,you may want to use a lower resolution in order to keep the text readable; it isillegible around 1280x1024. Our recommended resolution is 800x600 (or 832x624 on a Macintosh). We also recommend that PC users choose Small Fonts (96dpi) in the Settings control panel.

This size requirement has required us to make the Quark Adventure fairlystrict regarding how it is displayed. We have designed the Quark Adventureto be most compatible with Netscape Navigator 4; to that end, we havebundled copies of Netscape Communicator 4.61 for both Windows and MacOS onthis CD-ROM. To install Communicator, choose your platform within the "InstallNetscape" directory and double-click the "Install" icon.

We have endeavoredto make the Quark Adventure work as well as possible on Microsoft InternetExplorer, and it is completely compatible with Internet Explorer 4.5 forMacintosh, and *mostly* compatible with IE 4.0 and 5.0 for PC, although youmay experience erratic behavior by a few animations and the navigation bar.It is not known how this product will perform under upcoming releases ofInternet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

If you have a PC, you may need to use Windows Explorer to circumvent the Autorun feature in order to get to the folders of the CD-ROM. Windows Explorer can be found in the Start Menu. Alternately,you can skip Autorun by holding down the Shift key while you insert the CD.

The Particle Adventure has none of these restrictions. It is less technically demanding and will work equally well with Navigator orInternet Explorer. It is occasionally updated; for the latest version please see our website atat

The Quark Adventure makes use of JavaScript and cascading style sheets; please make surethat both of these are turned on in the Advanced menu in Netscape Preferences. If you aredisplaying the Quark Adventure at 640x480 resolution, you may find you need to hide the navigation toolbar and location toolbar in Netscape's View menu. In fact, you may want todo this no matter what, so that people reading it are forced to follow our navigation linksand not wander around, try to connect to the World Wide Web, et cetera. Within the QuarkAdventure there are no external links at all, so it willoperate perfectly well without being on a computer attached to the Internet.

If you have any questions or comments, please let usknow at

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