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Writing Activities


Collaborative Writing projects on the net

This page provides links and information about how Internet is being used to support collaborative and co-operative exchange. Collaborative writing projects are an excellent means to get your students working with Internet using 'authentic' writing experiences and purposes. Students invariably find real audiences and purposes more motivating for writing in a foreign language. They often will continue these experiences long after the evaluation is over and done with!



Guide to Grammar and Writing

An advanced level online set of pages with excellent material for students or for teachers to develop into lessons for their students. You have permission to use parts of this site for your course work, and the author claims that changes are made practically daily. Some of the topics of particular interest include: Sentence, Paragraph, and Essay writing tips, rules, and detailed information. In addition, there are a large number of links related to learning grammar.



International Writing Exchange

Started in 1993, this fast became the most popular collaborative writing activity of the HUT Email Writing Project, largely due to it's firm yet flexible structure.
It's a flexible communicative project, with students writing to and receiving feedback from their global peers as well as their teacher.
The 5 main phases of each module are:
Introductory letterwith teacher feedback, and student's revised version
Article on a topic, e.g., Love and Marriage
Peer feedback 1, author's response, 3 , 4 and 5
Teacher feedback, followed by self-study, e.g., with Help Pages and XE demo, and exercises created by class teacher and peers
Virtual conference in HUT Virtual Language Centre
Evaluation and selection for IWE Journal



Teaching & Grading Writing in the EFL Classroom

Teaching Writing:
Writing as a Process (WAP) Summary
Finding a Topic
A Writer’s Evolution
Use of Outlines
Formula Writing
Argumentative Writing
Grading Writing
Small Group Work
Full Class Critiquing Procedures
Weighing Grades/Assigning Final Course Grade
Writing Evaluation Form
The Final Grade, Using Self-Evaluations
Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) & Publication
Writing Evaluation Form
Conducting Essay Writing Final Exams



Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling skills

This web is organised around the following themes: Methods, Training, Resources, Assessment etc.




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