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Grammar Activities


A Web of On-line Grammars

This page maintains links with on-line grammars of as many languages as can be found on the Web. It includes all types of grammars: reference grammars, learning grammars, and historical grammars. Grammars are selected for their accuracy and effectiveness for learning the language they describe. All are free unless otherwise indicated.



Teaching Grammar

These pages are based on a workshop I gave on teaching advanced grammar at International House Barcelona, Spain. The workshop was in the form of a number of criteria for teaching grammar which I stated and were then discussed. Here, I have stated more or less the same points but also filled them out a little, in an attempt to make up for the lack of discussion in a (fairly) static text. However, as this is the web, I can easily update and change the content, so if you have any comments on anything you read here, I'd be happy to discuss them by email - my address can be found at the bottom of this page - and possibly make changes to reflect other peoples comments, opinions and criticisms. Author: Colin Mahoney



The English Grammar Clinic

The English Grammar Clinic is an oustanding resource for students and teachers as well as those who just like the English language.
Send your English grammar question to us and the professional teaching staff at Lydbury English Centre will post the answer where you will be able to view it.
There is a page of FAQs (frequently asked question) pages for speedy research.
Finally, the grammar café for a chat with friends



The Virtual Language Centre: Grammar Guide

A self help set of activities for improving grammar. Higher level students only.



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