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English for Specific Purposes (ESP)



Business Affairs - Links for Business

Site dedicated to some activities and lessons concerned with Business English Listening: U.S. Stock Market Commentary
Tasks: The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Tasks: Heinemann Business Case Studies Index
Reading: Money Magazine
Reading: Fortune Magazine
Reading: AT&T Business Network
Reading: Business Wire
Tasks: HotSeat Mock Job Interview
Listening: CNN Newsroom for ESL



CV's Resumes and Covering Letters

The Covering Letter
The CV/Resume



English for Specific Purposes Links

Business English for Teachers and Learners. The most useful business English page.
Business English Exercises. There are over 140 exercises of different types.
Business Cards. Free English business language software.
American Business Jargon. All the business words in alphabetic order.
BizWeb. A Web Business Guide to companies.
Words that Confuse. Some exercises to help you learn how to use some confusing business words.
Monster English. Free business English word of the day mailing list.
Glossary of Culinary Terms. Terms with their definitions.
English for Specific Purposes. ESL Cafe's ESP message posting.
International directory for professionals in ESP.
On-line Guide for Scientific Presentation.
Roy's English for Science and Technology, created in 1993 by Roy Bowers.
Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use.
Online Dictionaries of different languages.
Online dictionary of Computing.
Topics in Medical English. Nutrition, sensory, skeletal, orthopedic anatomy, etc.
English for Science and Technology. Ruth Vilmi's comprehensive links for ESP.
ESP Dictionaries. Definitions of special subject terms.



Monster English

My web site is for students of English as a Second Language (ESL, EFL).
My name is Sharon and I'm an English teacher. I live in Scotland,
so there will also be a lot of information on Scotland! The Focus is on Business English




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