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Encyclopaedia Britannica

The famous Britannica Online: Now FREE...



Encyclopaedia of the Orient

"The only encyclopaedia for North Africa and the Middle East". Easy to use, with an alphabetically indexed left frame for subjects and names.



International Financial Encyclopaedia

Welcome to the world's only interactive Financial Encyclopaedia. This encyclopaedia is designed to be used in conjunction with our Guide to Management and Technology and our other Finance information bases.

There is a guide to the icons used in the encyclopaedia.



Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Online

Like the famous CD Rom, only online and free. Has map indexes, subject categories (physical sciences, life sciences, geography, social sciences etc.). This is where a lot of students get answers for homework assignments and/or projects.




An online encyclopaedia from a multicultural perspective. We will be introducing various everyday habits and customs from various cultures around the world:

We want this "Multi-Cultural-Pedia" to be a site where you can find many ideas from different backgrounds. We would like to share customs, ways of thinking, etc. of various cultures to find how different, or probably similar, we are. We would like to understand other people more and at the same time understand ourselves.



The Knowledge Adventure Encyclopaedia

Information about a large number and variety of interesting topics. "A great homework helper". Simply type a word into the form provided and press enter.




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