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Writing Activities


Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story

This is a moderated choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you get to write the story, and follow the story as it grows (and takes up much needed hard drive space.) You can even copy down the story location and come back to it later to see how it's grown.


Guide to Grammar and Writing

An advanced level online set of pages with excellent material for students or for teachers to develop into lessons for their students. You have permission to use parts of this site for your course work, and the author claims that changes are made practically daily. Some of the topics of particular interest include: Sentence, Paragraph, and Essay writing tips, rules, and detailed information. In addition, there are a large number of links related to learning grammar.


International Writing Exchange

Started in 1993, this fast became the most popular collaborative writing activity of the HUT Email Writing Project, largely due to it's firm yet flexible structure.
It's a flexible communicative project, with students writing to and receiving feedback from their global peers as well as their teacher.
The 5 main phases of each module are:
Introductory letter with teacher feedback, and student's revised version
Article on a topic, e.g., Love and Marriage
Peer feedback 1, author's response, 3 , 4 and 5
Teacher feedback, followed by self-study, e.g., with Help Pages and XE demo, and exercises created by class teacher and peers
Virtual conference in HUT Virtual Language Centre
Evaluation and selection for IWE Journal


Nancy Drew Mystery Site

Includes on-line mysteries, discussion group, game and lesson plans



The King's Road Writing Project

The King's Road Project
is still in its embryo stage and we are searching for funding, but it is already very dear to the writer s heart, and embodies the words she has had in her signature for years, Involve me and I'll learn . The writer feels strongly that the Internet should be integrated with all other activities. Students should have ample opportunities to express themselves in all kinds of ways, to communicate orally as well as in writing, and to have fun together.

The Travelling Theatre and Adventure Game Activity
The basic idea of the project is to use the King s Road, which runs through four countries from St. Petersburg in Russia to Oslo in Norway (through Finland and Sweden) as the basis for all kinds of activities both physical and virtual. For example, in the year 2000, it is hoped that there will be a traveling theatre group , from England, starting at one end of the road. The group of British actors will work with students at each educational institution, helping to create, act out and later to record on the Internet, in English, a collaborative story. The theme of the story will continue throughout the journey. For example, the Russian students will create a story, e.g., in St. Petersburg. The story will be written down and put onto the Internet; a summary will be put there on the same day. Then , the next school along the road will have to read that story before creating and acting out the next installment. These students, in turn, will write their summary on the Internet for the following institution to read, and so on, all the way to Oslo, through four countries. The students will later rewrite the story in good English, and may wish to add suitable pictures, sounds or even video clips. Eventually, the whole story will be put into an adventure game being made by software engineering students from Helsinki University of Technology.


The Quotations Page

This page was originally developed as a catalog of Quotation resources on the Internet; it has since evolved into a large-scale Quotation site with many original resources.


The Student Showcase

The student showcase is an electronic magazine, containing articles and
prose written by high school students.

Although minor changes may have been made, the materials contained
herein have not been professionally edited, and may contain errors in syntax
or usage as they appeared in the students' original submissions.

Materials have been organized by content for easier browsing. 

Feature Articles
Are You Stupid?
Cigarette Smoking: A bad or a good thing?
Drugs: Should we or shouldn't we?
Stop the Bloodshed
They are Not Different
To Serve or Not to Serve (That is the question)


The Writing Den

Writing Den has seven basic aims. They are:

to improve writing skills and the ability to write a variety of essays
to develop communication skills
to expand vocabulary
to foster knowledge of a variety of cultural, historical and scientific topics
to increase visual literacy
to improve English pronunciation
to expand comprehension skills and critical thinking abilities
to use computers and the Internet to support the objectives of the 1996 Information Technology curriculum



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