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 Sociocultural Aspects

Learning HOW to CHAT

Okay, so you want to chat, but wait, wait! Before you begin, I'd like to suggest a few ideas that will make communicating at the Chat Center a fun experience. Includes simple instructions and guidlines for CHAT etiquette/protocol.


Australiana Slang

An 'insight' into Australian Slang...


Brit Speak: A guide to British English for America

It must not be easy being British! Being expected to keep a stiff upper lip all the time! Struggling to get that accent right (how we wish we could speak like that!). Having to learn all those strange British English words!

What words are we speaking about? We're awfully glad you asked!

The folks at the BritSpeak language laboratory invite you to grab your brolly, knock up a friend and join us on a linguistic tour of Britain...


MedSpeak: Terms used in TV program ER

Alphabetical listing (hyperlinked by letter) of words related to medical terms used in the very popular TV serial ER (Emergency Room) starring George Cluney (a.k.a. Batman)


Net Lingo

A collection of net acronyms, CHAT phrases, email smileys... All about Internet language.


New Zealand into American English

The following is an incomplete list of expression and words commonly used in New Zealand followed by the U.S. equivalent definition. Many of these words, phrases and expressions are of British or Australian origin. If you know any words or phrases that we missed, please, let us know at


The Alternative English Dictionary

These pages contain words and expressions you most likely won't find in a normal dictionary. This is an experimental "internet collaborative project", which means that all entries are made by internet users. Dozens of languages, more than 3000 words and expressions in all. Any language can be added if requested!


The On-line Slang Dictionary

Though Webster publishes a slang dictionary, it could potentially take years for a new word or phrase to enter its pages. Now, with the power of the Internet, it can be in a dictionary in a matter of hours. This page depends entirely on your contributions. You'll find a form at the end of the page to add new material. Read with caution. This dictionary has been written as tastefully as possible, but some language might be offensive to some readers. Note that dates are in day-month-year format.
The dictionary was getting rather large, so I have split it into four volumes: A through E, F through K, L through R, and S through Z. Hopefully it will help you browse more easily.


The Hot Spot Mock Job Interview

Can you survive the mock interview and land the job?
It's one thing to read about practice interview questions, and another to actually brave them. So, take a seat and face your job interviewers in this wacky simulation game.
Choose the best responses to questions and you earn two points and move closer to a regular paycheck & benefits. Choose a mediocre or foolish response and you'll ease forward with just one point or get shown the door. Good luck!,1898,3134,00.html


Globalstudy/Exchange Online Program

Are you thinking about studying abroad in an English-speaking country? Ask other students and teachers about learning English in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Post your questions about studying English abroad on the ESL PROGRAM HELP LINE. Schools are welcome to promote their ESL programs and scholarships on this message board.

Use GLOBALSTUDY CHAT to talk with students and educators about studying English as a second language around the world. Schools are welcome to set up private chatrooms to advise prospective ESL students around the world.


Dave's Email Exchange

There are generally two email exchange programs to consider. A class project in which you work in tandem with another class interested in email exchange, possibly English-Spanish, and the other is to just let the students search out an email pal for themselves. This site will do the latter task well enough.



This web offers yet another opportunity to find an email pal for interchange. However, it also provided information for snail mail friends as well...


The Eclub Efriends list

This page will help students find students, students find teachers, teachers find teachers... To connect with and begin an e-mail connection that may last a lifetime!


Encyclopaedia of the Orient

"The only encyclopaedia for North Africa and the Middle East". Easy to use, with an alphabetically indexed left frame for subjects and names.



An online encyclopaedia from a multicultural perspective. We will be introducing various everyday habits and customs from various cultures around the world:

We want this "Multi-Cultural-Pedia" to be a site where you can find many ideas from different backgrounds. We would like to share customs, ways of thinking, etc. of various cultures to find how different, or probably similar, we are. We would like to understand other people more and at the same time understand ourselves.


Interesting Things for ESL Students

A free online textbook and fun study site for students of English as a Second Language
Word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and much more.
This site is non-commerical and has no advertising.


ThinkQuest Internet Contest

An annual contest that challenges students, ages 12 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool


Who Can It Be Now?

Students try to match a photo with a celebrity.


A Web of On-line Grammars

This page maintains links with on-line grammars of as many languages as can be found on the Web. It includes all types of grammars: reference grammars, learning grammars, and historical grammars. Grammars are selected for their accuracy and effectiveness for learning the language they describe. All are free unless otherwise indicated.


ESL Electronic Workbook

Internet Mini Course
Make Your Own Homepage
Microsoft Word Tutorial
Advanced English Grammar Textbook
Other Interesting ESL and Academic Sites
Evaluating World Wide Web Information (Purdue University)


Internet Basics for ESL Students

A 14-Lesson Introduction to Using Computers and the Internet for Students of English as a Second Language. The Lessons...
Basic Computer Terms and the History of the Internet
Basics of the web browser
Hardware and Internet Software
ESL home pages
Computer Problems and Peripherals
Boolean search methods/search engines
Operating Systems - Windows 95
Introduction to UNIX
Using Email (1)
Send email to the teacher, cc and bcc friends
Search the Internet and identify 6 file types
Internet Service Providers
View 4 Okayama ISP's home pages
Using Email (2)
Join a mailing list (read the ML replies)
Email and Internet search
The Net
Write a basic web page
Mailing Lists
Find a mailing list
Ethics and Privacy
Examine cookie files and visit commercial sites
Find newsgroup archives
Business on the Internet
Take a quiz and show the class your favorite Internet site


Internet Island

Internet Island is designed to be a safe environment where novice Internet users can learn and practice navigation skills. At the same time they will experience how Internet can be used to promote inquiry-based learning. Teachers who use this tutorial should know the basics of clicking and dragging a mouse.
Netscape 1.1N or higher
QuickTime 2.0
14.4 kbps or better connection to the Internet
color monitor



A huge resource of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on internet. Use the search engine or use search in the Edit menu button of your browser to find key words related to your question


Song Files

Now view more than 62,000 lyrics from their rapidly growing database of more than 130,000 songs. Includes a search engine to find lyrics for the song you need...


CNN Newsroom and Worldview

A free, 30-minute block of commercial-free news and features programming accompanied by a Daily Classroom Guide, developed especially for school use.


CNN Newsroom and Worldview for EFL

CNN Newsroom is a thirty-minute program broadcast every Monday thru Friday at 04:30 (4:30 AM) Eastern Time (USA). It is sponsored by Turner Educational Services, Inc. and is broadcast on the regular CNN channel available via satellite or cable throughout the world. It is made available, free of charge, for use in classrooms and other educational settings such as this one.
Any school or educational institution may use the CNN Newsroom program free of charge. All institutions are required to fill out a simple School Enrollment Form. It is also possible to enroll from the CNN Newsroom Enrollment website.Each set of guidelines begins with a program rundown of what is included in the broadcast for that particular day, including time lengths for each section so that teachers will know what sections they can include into a limited amount of time. A short vocabulary list is followed by substantial groups of discussion questions and then usually by a student activity section including such activities as completing charts relevant to the content, doing further interview or library research, doing experiments, completing inventories, "fill in the blank" quizzes, or responding with opinionated answers to discussion questions.


CNN World News Fringe Stories

A web site that will provide a wealth of short human interest stories to motivate students to read short texts of high interest and low level vocabulary. Changes constantly as a source of texts for reading activities


English MTV Method

Using Feature film in the EFL Classroom. This page documents a teacher's experience trying to use feature film/video in her ESL Classroom. Contains very useful ideas, reflections, activities to think through prior to just pressing the play button. Useful site to begin prior to visiting Karen's ESLPartyland site on Film Activities.


ESL Partyland News Activities

News, magazines, Film, Television, and Video Activities. It is difficult to find good sites with activities engaging students of EFL in content from their popular culture. This site is considered to be among the very best.


USA Today Weird Stories

A web site where teachers can find interesting but strange stories from the news media. These stories are high in interest and easy to read in terms of vocabulary.


English Club Travel site

This is where you can learn about foreign countries and improve your English at the same time!


Famous People's Birthdays

Who else was born on your birthday?


Respect and Tolerance Lessons

Transversal Theme Connection. LESSON 1: AGREEMENT OF RESPECT
(This lesson does not require the use of computers)
(This lesson makes use of computers)
(This lesson does not require the use of computers)
(This lesson makes use of computers)


Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World

Welcome to my archive of folk and fairy tales. The stories in this collection represent a small sampling of the rich storytelling art that is the common heritage of humanity. Stories from many parts of the world are included here.





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