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Lots of Links...


Dave's ESL Café

Considered to be the most important website on ESL/EFL/TOEFL/ESP. There are hundreds of hours of surfing inside this web. There is also an excellent, well organised Forum section for Chats and meeting others online. It has an Use English Only policy.


Earthlink Teenzone

Site includes sections on following: Weekly Poll; Advice for Teens; Chat Rooms; Comic Books;; Fashion and Beauty Tips for boys and girls; Free Stuff off the Internet; Jokes Page; Magazines: Music; School Help; Television Shows; Xtreme Sports


English for Speakers of Other Languages

This site is part of the English for Speakers of Other Languages Resource Site. It contains information that should be helpful for all ESOL students. There are links for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students organized into 8 categories.


Internet TESL Journal's Crossword Puzzle links

There are so many crossword puzzle pages in this site, that I decided to include the page of links to the crosswords. Teachers should read through the list and decide which theme, topic, or level is appropriate to their individual needs. The results of this self-access searching could then be communicated through the discussion area of this web.


Karen's ESL Partyland

Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English


The English Club Network

Another of the popular and rich sources of links, activities, exchanges, news for Teachers and students of ESL.


Tower of English

Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English



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