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EFL Games


Fun & Games: Word Search

A Java application that generates a word games (word search, jumbled words and scrabble


ThinkQuest Internet Contest

An annual contest that challenges students, ages 12 to 19, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool


Webster's Word Games of the Day

Got two minutes? Play a new puzzle every day or visit our puzzle archive to play games you missed during the past month. Our word puzzles come in four hot formats:

Definition Demolition:
Use definition clues to unscramble three words before the bomb goes off!
Flip Flop:
It's as easy as matching the synonyms, antonyms, or slang terms before time runs out.
Transform Brainstorm:
Presto chango! Transform one word into another one letter at a time by matching the clues.
Match Maker:
Know your word histories? Or geography? Or history? Prove it with our hot matching challenge


Where's Waldo

Includes games and puzzles using Shockwave


Who Can It Be Now?

Students try to match a photo with a celebrity.



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