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EFL Sharing Resources


Tips for Spanish Speakers who are Learning English

This site is dedicated to the most common errors found among speakers of Spanish who are learning English. It is not meant to be a complete grammar but mainly aimed at helping Spanish speaking students to avoid making these common mistakes. The site may also help English teachers who are planning to work in Latin America. The following points will be discussed:
-False Cognates
-Confusing Words
-Invented Words
-Perfect Tenses
-Adjectives vs adverbs
-Omission of Subject
-Other/ Another/ Others
-Comparative Forms
-Phrasal Verbs/ Prepositions
-Frequently Misspelled Words
-List of Irregular Verbs


Real Reading Book Reviews by Students

The book reviews in this website were written by adult English as a second language learners at the University of Kansas. The students chose to write about books they enjoyed reading and think other adult ESL students will also enjoy. Many of these books are under 100 pages and can be read in less than two or three hours! Book Categories:
History -- Read both true and untrue stories based on historical facts.
Biography -- Read about famous people and what motivated them.
Fiction -- Enjoy the world of adventure, mystery, relationships and romance.
Science -- Increase your knowledge in many areas of science.
Social science -- Learn about societies and cultures.
Self-help -- Get ideas for how to improve your life.


Globalstudy/Exchange Online Program

Are you thinking about studying abroad in an English-speaking country? Ask other students and teachers about learning English in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Post your questions about studying English abroad on the ESL PROGRAM HELP LINE. Schools are welcome to promote their ESL programs and scholarships on this message board.

Use GLOBALSTUDY CHAT to talk with students and educators about studying English as a second language around the world. Schools are welcome to set up private chatrooms to advise prospective ESL students around the world.



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