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BBC Learn English On-line

The BBC online english pages. Includes course materials, quizzes and links. Upper levels.


Brit Speak: A guide to British English for America

It must not be easy being British! Being expected to keep a stiff upper lip all the time! Struggling to get that accent right (how we wish we could speak like that!). Having to learn all those strange British English words!

What words are we speaking about? We're awfully glad you asked!

The folks at the BritSpeak language laboratory invite you to grab your brolly, knock up a friend and join us on a linguistic tour of Britain...


Business Affairs - Links for Business

Site dedicated to some activities and lessons concerned with Business English Listening: U.S. Stock Market Commentary
Tasks: The Universal Currency Converter(tm)
Tasks: Heinemann Business Case Studies Index
Reading: Money Magazine
Reading: Fortune Magazine
Reading: AT&T Business Network
Reading: Business Wire
Tasks: HotSeat Mock Job Interview
Listening: CNN Newsroom for ESL


Card Games related to ESL

Card Games & Related Activities for Speaking & Talking. Downloadable games and a link to other card game sites around the web.


CNN Newsroom and Worldview for EFL

CNN Newsroom is a thirty-minute program broadcast every Monday thru Friday at 04:30 (4:30 AM) Eastern Time (USA). It is sponsored by Turner Educational Services, Inc. and is broadcast on the regular CNN channel available via satellite or cable throughout the world. It is made available, free of charge, for use in classrooms and other educational settings such as this one.
Any school or educational institution may use the CNN Newsroom program free of charge. All institutions are required to fill out a simple School Enrollment Form. It is also possible to enroll from the CNN Newsroom Enrollment website.Each set of guidelines begins with a program rundown of what is included in the broadcast for that particular day, including time lengths for each section so that teachers will know what sections they can include into a limited amount of time. A short vocabulary list is followed by substantial groups of discussion questions and then usually by a student activity section including such activities as completing charts relevant to the content, doing further interview or library research, doing experiments, completing inventories, "fill in the blank" quizzes, or responding with opinionated answers to discussion questions.


CV's Resumes and Covering Letters

The Covering Letter
The CV/Resume


Dave Sperling's ESL Chat Central

Main entrance to the ESL Chat Café. First time users must register (you will need an email account in order to receive a confirmation number). You must enter this number within a short time period in order to be fully registered. It is used as a precaution against others entering your name and abusing priviledges. Afterwards, you will have access to the chat area and can choose a room according to level/interests. There are separate rooms for teachers and for students.


Dave's ESL Café

Considered to be the most important website on ESL/EFL/TOEFL/ESP. There are hundreds of hours of surfing inside this web. There is also an excellent, well organised Forum section for Chats and meeting others online. It has an Use English Only policy.


Dave's ESL Quiz Centre

[ Geography | Grammar | History | Idioms, Slang, & Words | People | Reading Comprehension | Science | World Culture | Writing ] From the ESL Café Guy!


Earthlink Teenzone

Site includes sections on following: Weekly Poll; Advice for Teens; Chat Rooms; Comic Books;; Fashion and Beauty Tips for boys and girls; Free Stuff off the Internet; Jokes Page; Magazines: Music; School Help; Television Shows; Xtreme Sports


Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures

These are intereactive JavaScript quizzes for students of English as a second language.
Perhaps native English-speaking children will find them fun, too.
Click the correct picture. You can use the RETURN key to close the alert window.


English Club Presentation and Public Speaking

The Presentation


English Club: English Grammar

These English grammar pages will help you to study and understand the structure of English. Don't be afraid of grammar! The grammar of any language is there to help you. Remember that the language came first. The grammar is only a reflection of the language.Verbs & Tenses
Present simple: I do
Present continuous: I am doing
Present perfect simple: I have done
Present perfect continuous: I have been doing
Past simple: I did
Future: will: I will do
Future: going to: I am going to do
Future: present continuous: I am doing
"Used to do"
"Be used to something"
Questions: Do you do?
Passive: It is done Modals
Have to (obligation)
Must ('obligation')
Must not (prohibition)

Adjective order
Comparative: bigger
Superlative: the biggest


At/in/on (time)


English for Speakers of Other Languages

This site is part of the English for Speakers of Other Languages Resource Site. It contains information that should be helpful for all ESOL students. There are links for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students organized into 8 categories.


English for Specific Purposes Links

Business English for Teachers and Learners. The most useful business English page.
Business English Exercises. There are over 140 exercises of different types.
Business Cards. Free English business language software.
American Business Jargon. All the business words in alphabetic order.
BizWeb. A Web Business Guide to companies.
Words that Confuse. Some exercises to help you learn how to use some confusing business words.
Monster English. Free business English word of the day mailing list.
Glossary of Culinary Terms. Terms with their definitions.
English for Specific Purposes. ESL Cafe's ESP message posting.
International directory for professionals in ESP.
On-line Guide for Scientific Presentation.
Roy's English for Science and Technology, created in 1993 by Roy Bowers.
Dictionary of Technical Terms for Aerospace Use.
Online Dictionaries of different languages.
Online dictionary of Computing.
Topics in Medical English. Nutrition, sensory, skeletal, orthopedic anatomy, etc.
English for Science and Technology. Ruth Vilmi's comprehensive links for ESP.
ESP Dictionaries. Definitions of special subject terms.


English Town

Online english with a variety of activities, including daily (through email) lessons. Listening skills, studying english abroad, resources for teachers, lessons for students, etc.


Free English

A Free program of english classes. Useful for students for self-study and practice.


Games online

Word and Sentence Scramble
Family Word Scramble
Clothing Word Scramble
Sentence Scramble


Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story

This is a moderated choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you get to write the story, and follow the story as it grows (and takes up much needed hard drive space.) You can even copy down the story location and come back to it later to see how it's grown.


Global English Learning Centre

Practice your English... Take a free minicourse. Listen! Speak!
Play a game. Sing along with Karaoke. Enjoy yourself and learn English at the same time!
Chat with other English learners and teachers online--24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Make sure all your English documents are perfect with the help of Your Personal Editor.
Check out the GlobalEnglish Discussion Center and interact with other people from all over the world.


Globalstudy/Exchange Online Program

Are you thinking about studying abroad in an English-speaking country? Ask other students and teachers about learning English in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

Post your questions about studying English abroad on the ESL PROGRAM HELP LINE. Schools are welcome to promote their ESL programs and scholarships on this message board.

Use GLOBALSTUDY CHAT to talk with students and educators about studying English as a second language around the world. Schools are welcome to set up private chatrooms to advise prospective ESL students around the world.


Interesting Things for ESL Students

A free online textbook and fun study site for students of English as a Second Language
Word games, puzzles, quizzes, slang, proverbs and much more.
This site is non-commerical and has no advertising.


Karen's ESL Partyland

Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English


Karin's ESL Partyland Quiz Centre

Grammar | Idioms, Slang & Phrasal Verbs | Reading | TOEFLesque | Trivia | Useful Expressions | Vocabulary | Links
All sorted according to levels: easy, medium, and hard...


Learning Oral English On Line

Learning Oral English Online is finally available on the Web. It is an online conversation book compiled for intermediate ESL learners who want to improve their listening and speaking skills.

Each sentence in the book is linked to a sound file which is in AU format. SoundMachine is the software recommended for Mac users to play AU files. For PC Windows users, Naplayer, which comes with Netscape, can play AU files.

ESL teachers are encouraged to use this online book as supplementary material for their classes


Net Grammar

Written by an ESL/EFL practitioner, NetGrammar focuses on English grammar through interactive listening, reading and writing activities.

Research in second language acquisition suggests that students expect and need to learn the formal rules of a language in focus. That is why NetGrammar was developed with that focus in mind where students will practice new structures in a variety of contexts in order to help them internalize and master the many structures of English. NetGrammar provides an abundance of both controlled and communicative exercises so that students can bridge the gap between knowing grammatical structures and using them.

NetGrammar follows a six-step approach at the Unit Level. The first step is contextualiazing the new content through clear objectives, language functions and notes where new structures are shown in context. This is followed by a presentation of the structures (Grammar Focus) with grammar charts and explanations. The third step is listening where students hear a variety of short conversations, interviews, storytelling, etc. The fourth step is reading. Here, students can find a variety of short authentic passage.. The fifth step is writing where students can practice the new structures by cues given to them. They can also e-mail their writing products to their instructor and/or other friends. And finally, the six step is the review section, which can be used as a self test. The exercises in this section test the structures of the unit and can be e-mailed to the instructor and/or other friends.


Netlearn languages

NetLearn Languages is a completely Internet-based language school. With us, you can study English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other languages live from your home or office using audio, text-chat and more. We offer General language courses, Business language courses, Preparation courses for the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge Exams as well as more specialised types of language. All our teachers are qualified and experienced, native-speaker teachers of their language so you will make the best possible progress wherever you are in the world.



Planet English is an international English language course - designed by teachers and delivered through quality multimedia.


Randall's ESL Cyberlistening Lab

General listening quizzes using Real Audio Player. Allows you to download files to use on a local PC and is divided into three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Also has a section for advanced secondary called Listening for Academic or specific purposes, divided into levels: Medium, Hard and Very Hard


Takako's Great Adventure

To listen to these files, you will need the latest Shockwave Plug-in from Macromedia, a computer with an FPU, and either Netscape Navigator 3.xor Internet Explorer 4.x. Macintosh users with Microsoft Internet Explorer may have problems viewing and hearing the story. Slower computers and connections may experience problems on the first listen. The second and subsequent listenings should play with no problems. Netscape caches the sound for a smooth replay; IE does not


The Cornelius English Language Centre

The Comenius Group developed this site so that students, teachers and speakers of English from around the world can have on line access to relevant materials, lessons and products.
Choose from the following selections
Learn about our Business and Academic English Writing courses.
Find software to learn English The Comenius Software Shop.
Meet English speakers from any country The E-Mail Key Pal Connection.
Improve your English by Fluency Through Fables.
Broaden your English vocabulary with The Monthly Idiom.
Learn about John Amos Comenius.
Learn about The Comenius Group.
Read press articles about The Virtual English Language Center.
Access some useful links for students of English.


The Eclub Efriends list

This page will help students find students, students find teachers, teachers find teachers... To connect with and begin an e-mail connection that may last a lifetime!


The EFL Net: Learning online

ComAudio is the easy way to increase your understanding of spoken English. With ComAudio, news items, features, poetry and songs are played while the corresponding text is displayed on your screen. If you're not sure what a word means, just click on it and a description will appear. After listening to the item, you can try a quiz or play hangman. Best of all, new items are continually being added and you can download them (and the ComAudio program) free from EFL.NET


The English Club Network

Another of the popular and rich sources of links, activities, exchanges, news for Teachers and students of ESL.


The English Corner

Hello everybody! and welcome to ' the English corner'. We sincerely hope that you find 'this page' interesting and useful in your daily life as teacher and we would like you contribute, sharing experiences, opinions, practical tips and suggestions.The web has a number of subdirectories: Resources
Travels & Holidays
Information & Contacts


The English Grammar Clinic

The English Grammar Clinic is an oustanding resource for students and teachers as well as those who just like the English language.
Send your English grammar question to us and the professional teaching staff at Lydbury English Centre will post the answer where you will be able to view it.
There is a page of FAQs (frequently asked question) pages for speedy research.
Finally, the grammar café for a chat with friends


The Hot Spot Mock Job Interview

Can you survive the mock interview and land the job?
It's one thing to read about practice interview questions, and another to actually brave them. So, take a seat and face your job interviewers in this wacky simulation game.
Choose the best responses to questions and you earn two points and move closer to a regular paycheck & benefits. Choose a mediocre or foolish response and you'll ease forward with just one point or get shown the door. Good luck!,1898,3134,00.html


The Swiss-Canadian English Centre

The owners and teachers and we will be happy to:
help you to improve your English conversation and answer any of your questions about the English Language. You will need a microphone connected as these services are english conversation voice based.


Tips for Spanish Speakers who are Learning English

This site is dedicated to the most common errors found among speakers of Spanish who are learning English. It is not meant to be a complete grammar but mainly aimed at helping Spanish speaking students to avoid making these common mistakes. The site may also help English teachers who are planning to work in Latin America. The following points will be discussed:
-False Cognates
-Confusing Words
-Invented Words
-Perfect Tenses
-Adjectives vs adverbs
-Omission of Subject
-Other/ Another/ Others
-Comparative Forms
-Phrasal Verbs/ Prepositions
-Frequently Misspelled Words
-List of Irregular Verbs


Tower of English

Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English


USA Today Weird Stories

A web site where teachers can find interesting but strange stories from the news media. These stories are high in interest and easy to read in terms of vocabulary.


Virtual Language Centre: Pronunciation

Activities and excercises for advanced levels.


Virtual Language Centre: Reading

Reading excercises in using activities such as CLOZE, Comprehension, Jumbled Text


Vocabulary in context sites

Many people believe, myself included, that vocabulary is best learned in context. With this idea in mind, I'd like to offer this ever expanding vocabulary resource, placing vocabulary in contextual areas and presented in a quiz format. You will also find vocabulary reference tools and guides.


Vocabulary of Alliteration

This Vocabulary of Alliteration is a new aid in writing poems and songs (and in the study of phonetic or phonemic syllable divisions in English). Alliteration is one of several aural devices in literature making use of the repetition of single sounds or groups of sounds. It is quite often believed to be nothing else than the repetition of word-initial sounds, especially consonants. For such rough and ready alliteration a special dictionary would hardly be needed. However, if alliteration is, in a more sophisticated and traditional fashion, interpreted as the repetition of speech sounds at the beginning of syllables, and of stressed syllables only, then word-initial consonance or assonance need not be alliteration and vice versa. The first syllables of words often do not receive primary stress in English, not even secondary stress, and therefore specially prepared lists of words of which the stressed syllables start with the same sound or sounds will be of interest to anyone studying or creating aural effects and imagery in verbal communication.


Who Can It Be Now?

Students try to match a photo with a celebrity.



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