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300 pages for Students and Teachers of English

The most important aims we had in mind when we decided to create this website were:

To learn about and use new teaching techniques and resources.
To suggest new ways of teaching English that take advantage of current communication and information technological advances and to integrate them in the educational curricula of the Education Department of Andalucia Autonomous Government (Spain).
To pay due attention to studentsí diversity by adapting the curriculum to their different needs and learning processes, thus implementing more personalized teaching techniques.
To help students develop autonomous learning techniques through the building up of new skills and study habits.
To improve EFL teaching and learning by incorporating new technologies on a regular basis.
To establish a solid foundation for collaborative projects with teachers of other school subjects, in the same school or with other schools in Spain or abroad.
To enable students to familiarize themselves with multimedia software and Internet tools (especially the web, e-mail and ftp), while using English as a means of communication.
To use resources available on the Internet in order to foster the practice of English. There exist websites with practical information that can be used in TEFL classes: grammar practice, mailing lists, listening activities, reading, etc.
To teach students how to use browsers, navigate through the web and reach the information they need. The Internet contains authentic material that can be used in a wide variety of project works.
To make students aware that the information available on the Internet can help them in planning their own professional or academic future. There exists a myriad of websites created by universities and private firms.
To gather a series of multimedia grammar exercises for self-study and self-correction.
To develop good group-work habits in students and teachers through the use of the same or similar resources and the subsequent information and experience exchange with other students in the same or a different school.


Aardvark's EFL Resources

Interactive English Language Exercises
for students of English as a foreign language (EFL). Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms Quiz Central

A collection of online quizzes that are indexed according to their topic. Also indicates the expected level of the student. Has material related to the TOEFL exam as well.


Babel Fish Translator

Runs out of the Altavista Search engine. As with most translators, you enter text or an http address, choose which languages you wish to translate to and from, and the machine translates (if possible) your request.


Canadian Living English Web

As E.S.L. teachers we are aware of the serious shortage of quality resources for the English as a Second Language Learner. Sure there is tons of material to wade through in the book store, but how much of it is practical? The aim of this site is to provide students with practical everyday situations which they can take with them should they decide to travel to Canada.
But I'm not going to Canada...
Don't worry. There's lots here for all E.S.L. students. Whether you're going to the United States, New Zealand, or another English-speaking country, you're sure to benefit from the growing collection of practical everyday English dialogue. Immigration and Customs: Nervous about speaking English with the Immigration officer? This should help.
The Restaurant: It's all here. This dialogue models a typical Western restaurant experience.
Hotels and Accomodations: Useful English expressions to help you when finding accomodation.
The Gas Station: If you will be driving in Canada, this dialogue will be useful.
5. Directions: New! Asking directions. Includes a map and diagrams for your reference.
6. Doctors and Pharmacists: New! Making appointments, seeing the doctor and pharmacist


Card Games related to ESL

Card Games & Related Activities for Speaking & Talking. Downloadable games and a link to other card game sites around the web.


Common Spelling errors in English

A page full of the most commonly mispelled words in English. Also some good links to other spelling topics. A quick resource


Create Your Own Newspaper


CRIBE - A chat room in Broken English

A Chat room for non-native english speakers. English is not the only language on this planet.
Chat Room In Broken English (CRIBE1)
is a cyber chatroom system for users of englsh as a foregin languages
and anyone tolerant of misspelling, mistyping, system lag,
and diffrent culutures!


CV's Resumes and Covering Letters

The Covering Letter
The CV/Resume


Dave's Email Exchange

There are generally two email exchange programs to consider. A class project in which you work in tandem with another class interested in email exchange, possibly English-Spanish, and the other is to just let the students search out an email pal for themselves. This site will do the latter task well enough.


English Club Net Quizzes

A page full of quizzes... Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced in Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation


English Club Presentation and Public Speaking

The Presentation



The tests on this page are in the order of difficulty; "Intermediate" means approximately two years of learning English (about 200 lessons); "Advanced" is somewhere near Cambridge Proficiency level.

To view the following tests, quizzes and crosswords correctly, you'll need a Javascript-enabled browser (at least Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher).

Some tests might load slowly; please be patient and wait till they load completely!


English Pronunciation

Okanagan University College Pronunciation pages provide assistance in basic pronunciation. There is also a set of links to other WWW sites. You will need shockwave for some of the features on this site to work properly.


Games online

Word and Sentence Scramble
Family Word Scramble
Clothing Word Scramble
Sentence Scramble


Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story

This is a moderated choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you get to write the story, and follow the story as it grows (and takes up much needed hard drive space.) You can even copy down the story location and come back to it later to see how it's grown.


Guide to Grammar and Writing

An advanced level online set of pages with excellent material for students or for teachers to develop into lessons for their students. You have permission to use parts of this site for your course work, and the author claims that changes are made practically daily. Some of the topics of particular interest include: Sentence, Paragraph, and Essay writing tips, rules, and detailed information. In addition, there are a large number of links related to learning grammar.


How to write an Email message

This web discusses the differences between email and conventional letter writing. It is an excellent introduction to the sociocultural and coded differences between email and other kinds of letter writing. As email is fast surpassing "snail" mail as the major form of writing personal letters between peoples, it is important that students start by learning about the characteristics of email.


International Writing Exchange

Started in 1993, this fast became the most popular collaborative writing activity of the HUT Email Writing Project, largely due to it's firm yet flexible structure.
It's a flexible communicative project, with students writing to and receiving feedback from their global peers as well as their teacher.
The 5 main phases of each module are:
Introductory letterwith teacher feedback, and student's revised version
Article on a topic, e.g., Love and Marriage
Peer feedback 1, author's response, 3 , 4 and 5
Teacher feedback, followed by self-study, e.g., with Help Pages and XE demo, and exercises created by class teacher and peers
Virtual conference in HUT Virtual Language Centre
Evaluation and selection for IWE Journal


Internet TESL Journal's Crossword Puzzle links

There are so many crossword puzzle pages in this site, that I decided to include the page of links to the crosswords. Teachers should read through the list and decide which theme, topic, or level is appropriate to their individual needs. The results of this self-access searching could then be communicated through the discussion area of this web.


Karin's ESL Partyland Quiz Centre

Grammar | Idioms, Slang & Phrasal Verbs | Reading | TOEFLesque | Trivia | Useful Expressions | Vocabulary | Links
All sorted according to levels: easy, medium, and hard...



Kidlink is a grassroots organization aimed at getting youth through the age of 15 involved in a GLOBAL dialog.


Laurie's Internet Chat Site

A Java based, easy to use chat site on the www. You enter a name and off you go. The following additional instructions might be useful to know: /quit This command will let you leave the chat again.
/me does something. Sends an "action" or "emotion" to a channel.
/msg username text Sends a text privately to the user with the given name
/join channel Allows you to open another channel
/whois username Requests additional information about the user with the given name
/who channelname Shows a list of all the users in the given channel name
/users Shows a list of all users on the server
/ignore username Ignores the user with the given name, that means, you will not receive any more messages from that user
/unignore username Stops ignoring the given user again
/ignorelist Shows a list of all users you ignore
/oplist Shows a list of temp and perm operators (ops) and marks the temp ops with brackets.
/oplist channel Shows a list of temp and perm operators (ops) in the given channel.
/away message Switches to away mode and sets the away message
/away Leaves the away mode again


Learning HOW to CHAT

Okay, so you want to chat, but wait, wait! Before you begin, I'd like to suggest a few ideas that will make communicating at the Chat Center a fun experience. Includes simple instructions and guidlines for CHAT etiquette/protocol.


Mag's Word Finder

Ever wondered how many words you could make out of the letters in your name? Choose a dictionary, type in a word or phrase, and fire away! There is also a list of other word games on the web


Net Lingo

A collection of net acronyms, CHAT phrases, email smileys... All about Internet language.


One Look Dictionary

Dictionary word count = 2994189 words in 595 dictionaries now indexed This website indexes other dictionary indexes. Simple to use



This web offers yet another opportunity to find an email pal for interchange. However, it also provided information for snail mail friends as well...


Paragraph Punch Website

This web site is designed to help users learn how to write a basic paragraph. This is a free online lesson based on our popular Windows 95/98/NT application, Paragraph Punch.
Users develop an idea and write their own topic sentence, body, and conclusion. Program prompts guide students step by step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing.
Studentsí completed paragraphs can be transferred to a word processing program, HTML editor, or e-mail application


Randall's ESL Chat Centre

This site is designed for both ESL and EFL students and teachers around the world. Visitors can chat in several different rooms, create their own private chat areas, find pen friends via the WebBoard, and more.
Teachers can use the Chat Center as part of classroom activities or as a means of communicating with other educators.


Self-study Quizzes for ESL

A Very Large Collection of Quizzes for Students of English as a Second Language
This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students The site is organised along the following New Quizzes | Reading | Writing | General Knowledge | Holidays | Trivia Grammar | Homonyms | Learn About Places | Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang | Scrambled Words | Vocabulary
Interactive JavaScript Quizzes for ESL Students


Sounds of English

This page is an introduction to the sounds of English. It has pictures and photographs to help you pronounce sounds, as well as examples of those sounds. Some pages are still under construction. New sounds and pictures are being added regularly, so keep checking back.
There is a picture of the inside of your mouth and the important articulators, the parts of your mouth that help you to make the sounds. There are further linkes to learn about VOWEL and CONSONANT sounds and a page of links to other WWW sites related to pronunciation.


Spelling Rules

Spelling rules are there. The site will not win any awards for visual design, but it has the most common rules.


Study Com's English Online web

A free online english web with a variety of courses and classses for students.


The Alternative English Dictionary

These pages contain words and expressions you most likely won't find in a normal dictionary. This is an experimental "internet collaborative project", which means that all entries are made by internet users. Dozens of languages, more than 3000 words and expressions in all. Any language can be added if requested!


The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary

The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary is a machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 100,000 words and their transcriptions.
This format is particularly useful for speech recognition and synthesis, as it has mappings from words to their pronunciations in the given phoneme set. The current phoneme set contains 39 phonemes, for which the vowels may carry lexical stress.
0 No stress
1 Primary stress
2 Secondary stress


The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary

Carnegie Mellon's Pronouncing Dictionary has more than 100,000 words and their transcriptions. Enter a word or a sentence to receive the correct pronunciation, then refer to the phoneme guide on the same page.


The English Spelling Zone

Learn some basic spelling rules, then practice using them. Includes... Plural Nouns, [ed] and [ing] words, Comparatives and Superlatives


The Grammar Gorillas

Our friends, the Grammar Gorillas, need help identifying parts of speech. If you click on the right word in the sentence, our friends get a banana. And you know, a gorilla with a banana is a gorilla with appeal. A fun activity for beginner and advanced learners.


The King's Road Writing Project

The King's Road Project
is still in its embryo stage and we are searching for funding, but it is already very dear to the writer s heart, and embodies the words she has had in her signature for years,Involve me and I ll learn . The writer feels strongly that the Internet should be integrated with all other activities. Students should have ample opportunities to express themselves in all kinds of ways, to communicate orally as well as in writing, and to have fun together.

The Travelling Theatre and Adventure Game Activity
The basic idea of the project is to use the King s Road, which runs through four countries from St. Petersburg in Russia to Oslo in Norway (through Finland and Sweden) as the basis for all kinds of activities both physical and virtual. For example, in the year 2000, it is hoped that there will be a travelling theatre group , from England, starting at one end of the road.The group of British actors will work with students at each educational institution, helping to create, act out and later to record on the Internet, in English, a collaborative story. The theme of the story will continue throughout the journey. For example, the Russian students will create a story, e.g, in St.Petersburg. The story will be written down and put onto the Internet; a summary will be put there on the same day. Then , the next school along the road will have to read that story before creating and acting out the next instalment. These students, in turn, will write their summary on the Internet for the following institution to read, and so on, all the way to Oslo, through four countries. The students will later rewrite the story in good English, and may wish to add suitable pictures, sounds or even video clips. Eventually, the whole story will be put into an adventure game being made by software enginering students from Helsinki University of Technology.


The Knowledge Adventure Encyclopaedia

Information about a large number and variety of interesting topics. "A great homework helper". Simply type a word into the form provided and press enter.


The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

What can I do with the rhyming dictionary?
You can use it to help write poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, witticisms, and more. Using the three phonetic query functions described below, you can find words that rhyme with, almost rhyme with, or sound exactly the same as a certain target word. Using the two semantic query functions, synonyms and ``semantic siblings'', you can find words that approximate or have the same meaning as an intended concept. Combining the two features can help you balance sound and meaning in a poetic writing venture.


The Swiss-Canadian English Centre

The owners and teachers and we will be happy to:
help you to improve your English conversation and answer any of your questions about the English Language. You will need a microphone connected as these services are english conversation voice based.


The Virtual Language Centre: Grammar Guide

A self help set of activities for improving grammar. Higher level students only.


Translation Page

Enter text or a URL into the input screen. Program will translate the text or the linked page.


Variety of Activities

Activities such as crosswords, reading comprehension, grammar, and matching excercises.


Virtual Language Centre: Pronunciation

Activities and excercises for advanced levels.


Vocabulary of Alliteration

This Vocabulary of Alliteration is a new aid in writing poems and songs (and in the study of phonetic or phonemic syllable divisions in English). Alliteration is one of several aural devices in literature making use of the repetition of single sounds or groups of sounds. It is quite often believed to be nothing else than the repetition of word-initial sounds, especially consonants. For such rough and ready alliteration a special dictionary would hardly be needed. However, if alliteration is, in a more sophisticated and traditional fashion, interpreted as the repetition of speech sounds at the beginning of syllables, and of stressed syllables only, then word-initial consonance or assonance need not be alliteration and vice versa. The first syllables of words often do not receive primary stress in English, not even secondary stress, and therefore specially prepared lists of words of which the stressed syllables start with the same sound or sounds will be of interest to anyone studying or creating aural effects and imagery in verbal communication.


Word Turtle

This is a custom seek and find word search game. You give FunBrain a list of words which it then hides in the puzzle. Select a level and whether you want to play against FunBrain or if you want the puzzle to be printed out on paper so you can play it away from the computer. The site has four levels (easy, medium, hard, super hard) based on the numbers of words, and has a variety of vocabulary themes (fruit, pets, instruments, countries, etc) also clearly labelled according to skill level.


WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary

Useful for song and poetry writing. Includes the following categories: End rhymes, last syllable, Double Rhymes (e.g. Conviction, Prediction), Beginning rhymes


Yahoo Chat

Excellent variety of topics of interest to young people. Because of the nature of chat as a means of communication, it might best be categorised under the content block "Oral Communication" as it is more oral in 'nature' than written!




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