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CNN Newsroom and Worldview

A free, 30-minute block of commercial-free news and features programming accompanied by a Daily Classroom Guide, developed especially for school use.


English Town

Online english with a variety of activities, including daily (through email) lessons. Listening skills, studying english abroad, resources for teachers, lessons for students, etc.


ESL Electronic Workbook

Internet Mini Course
Make Your Own Homepage
Microsoft Word Tutorial
Advanced English Grammar Textbook
Other Interesting ESL and Academic Sites
Evaluating World Wide Web Information (Purdue University)


International Phonetic Association

Reproduction of The International Phonetic Alphabet (Revised to 1993, Updated 1996)
Full chart
Sections of the chart
Consonants (Pulmonic)
Consonants (Non-Pulmonic)
Other Symbols
Tones & Word Accents


Internet Basics for ESL Students

A 14-Lesson Introduction to Using Computers and the Internet for Students of English as a Second Language. The Lessons...
Basic Computer Terms and the History of the Internet
Basics of the web browser
Hardware and Internet Software
ESL home pages
Computer Problems and Peripherals
Boolean search methods/search engines
Operating Systems - Windows 95
Introduction to UNIX
Using Email (1)
Send email to the teacher, cc and bcc friends
Search the Internet and identify 6 file types
Internet Service Providers
View 4 Okayama ISP's home pages
Using Email (2)
Join a mailing list (read the ML replies)
Email and Internet search
The Net
Write a basic web page
Mailing Lists
Find a mailing list
Ethics and Privacy
Examine cookie files and visit commercial sites
Find newsgroup archives
Business on the Internet
Take a quiz and show the class your favorite Internet site


Netlearn languages

NetLearn Languages is a completely Internet-based language school. With us, you can study English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and other languages live from your home or office using audio, text-chat and more. We offer General language courses, Business language courses, Preparation courses for the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge Exams as well as more specialised types of language. All our teachers are qualified and experienced, native-speaker teachers of their language so you will make the best possible progress wherever you are in the world.


Online English Grammar

This website includes an enormous table of contents with hyperlinks to all the online grammar you could want!

You can scroll through the Table of Contents to scan down or up to the item that you are looking for.
You can search by clicking on a letter of the alphabet which will take you to the alpabetical category in the Subject Index

You can conduct a key-word search of the Table of Contents by using your browser's 'find' option (in Netscape this is under 'Edit') and typing in a word relevant to your search (note - this does not search the whole grammar but only the Table of Contents.


Road Safety Project

The Road Safety Project falls into the category of the transversal theme "Vial". The Road Safety Project aims to encourage reading comprehension and expand
vocabulary, while developing online research skills.
The project contains the following:
Articles located in this site, including interactive comprehension exercises,
on-line aids and suggestions for classroom implementation.
Links to articles in other sites.
Ideas for guided research projects.


The English Learner

Learners of English will find all types of interactive tests and exercises here:
hangman and more.
EnglishLearner.Com also offers English lessons by e-mail at three levels every week - completely free!


Where's Waldo

Includes games and puzzles using Shockwave


Who Can It Be Now?

Students try to match a photo with a celebrity.



A huge resource of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on internet. Use the search engine or use search in the Edit menu button of your browser to find key words related to your question




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