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News & Media


CNN Newsroom and Worldview

A free, 30-minute block of commercial-free news and features programming accompanied by a Daily Classroom Guide, developed especially for school use.



CNN World News Fringe Stories

A web site that will provide a wealth of short human-interest stories to motivate students to read short texts of high interest and low level vocabulary. Changes constantly as a source of texts for reading activities



English MTV Method

Using Feature film in the EFL Classroom. This page documents a teacher's experience trying to use feature film/video in her ESL Classroom. Contains very useful ideas, reflections, activities to think through prior to just pressing the play button. Useful site to begin prior to visiting Karen's ESLPartyland site on Film Activities.



ESL Partyland News Activities

News, magazines, Film, Television, and Video Activities. It is difficult to find good sites with activities engaging students of EFL in content from their popular culture. This site is considered to be among the very best.



iT's Magazine

iT's Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine for teachers and students of English around the world. It was first published in 1990 as a magazine for teachers of English in Spain but over the years has developed into an international magazine. The aim of the magazine is to provide teachers and students with up-to-date teaching material based on what is happening in the world today. iT's Magazine can be used in different ways: Teachers can use the magazine as a source of supplementary teaching material.

Students can use the magazine for self-study purposes. iT's Magazine can also be used as an alternative to the traditional course book.



Sports Illustrated for Kids

Sports Illustrated for kids.




Online Activities


Aardvark's EFL Resources

Interactive English Language Exercises

for students of English as a foreign language (EFL). Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms



About.com Quiz Central

A collection of online quizzes that are indexed according to their topic. Also indicates the expected level of the student. Has material related to the TOEFL exam as well.



Dave's ESL Quiz Centre

[ Geography | Grammar | History | Idioms, Slang, & Words | People | Reading Comprehension | Science | World Culture | Writing ]   From the ESL Café Guy!



Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures

These are intereactive JavaScript quizzes for students of English as a second language.

Perhaps native English-speaking children will find them fun, too.

Click the correct picture. You can use the RETURN key to close the alert window.



English Club Net Quizzes

A page full of quizzes... Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced in Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation



English Club Presentation and Public Speaking

The Presentation



English Learner.com

The tests on this page are in the order of difficulty; "Intermediate" means approximately two years of learning English (about 200 lessons); "Advanced" is somewhere near Cambridge Proficiency level.


To view the following tests, quizzes and crosswords correctly, you'll need a Javascript-enabled browser (at least Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher).


Some tests might load slowly; please be patient and wait till they load completely!



Karin's ESL Partyland Quiz Centre

Grammar | Idioms, Slang & Phrasal Verbs | Reading | TOEFLesque | Trivia | Useful Expressions | Vocabulary | Links

All sorted according to levels:  easy, medium, and hard...



Self-study Quizzes for ESL

A Very Large Collection of Quizzes for Students of English as a Second Language

This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students  The site is organised along the following  New Quizzes | Reading | Writing | General Knowledge | Holidays | Trivia  Grammar | Homonyms | Learn About Places | Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang | Scrambled Words | Vocabulary

Interactive JavaScript Quizzes for ESL Students



Spelling Rules and guidlines

Five Guidelines for Learning to Spell and Six Ways to Practice Spelling - a handout for students-



The Case

Help solve short mysteries.



The English Corner

Hello everybody! and welcome to ' the English corner'. We sincerely hope that you find 'this page' interesting and useful in your daily life as teacher and we would like you contribute, sharing experiences, opinions, practical tips and suggestions.The web has a number of subdirectories:  




Travels & Holidays

Information & Contacts




The English Spelling Zone

Learn some basic spelling rules, then practice using them.  Includes... Plural Nouns, [ed] and [ing] words, Comparatives and Superlatives



Variety of Activities

Activities such as crosswords, reading comprehension, grammar, and matching excercises.








Sounds of English

This page is an introduction to the sounds of English. It has pictures and photographs to help you pronounce sounds, as well as examples of those sounds. Some pages are still under construction. New sounds and pictures are being added regularly, so keep checking back.

There is a picture of the inside of your mouth and the important articulators, the parts of your mouth that help you to make the sounds.  There are further linkes to learn about VOWEL and CONSONANT sounds and a page of links to other WWW sites related to pronunciation.



The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary

The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary is a machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 100,000 words and their transcriptions.

This format is particularly useful for speech recognition and synthesis, as it has mappings from words to their pronunciations in the given phoneme set. The current phoneme set contains 39 phonemes, for which the vowels may carry lexical stress.

0 No stress

1 Primary stress

2 Secondary stress






Aesop's Fairytales online

Our online collection of Aesop's Fables includes a total of 654+ Fables, indexed in table format, with morals listed. There are many more on the way. Most were translated into English by Rev. George Fyler Townsend (1814-1900) and Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914) the rest are from Jean De La Fontaine in French and translated to English by several good internet souls. Included are Real Audio narrations, Classic Images, Random Images, Random Fables, Search Engine, Message Forum and much more on the way. Recently added are 127 Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Andersen with 209 Grimms Fairy Tales coming soon along with much more mythology and stories for your reading pleasure.



Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World

Welcome to my archive of folk and fairy tales. The stories in this collection represent a small sampling of the rich storytelling art that is the common heritage of humanity. Stories from many parts of the world are included here.






Cambridge EFL Online

Cambridge EFL On-line is the website of the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Division.

In this site you will find full information on all of the Cambridge EFL examinations and tests, as well as the latest news from Cambridge



Language Tests: Vocabulary with Pictures

The following categories are available...

Animals (1)
Animals (2)
Animals (3)



The English Learner

Learners of English will find all types of interactive tests and exercises here:

Hangman And More.
EnglishLearner.Com also offers English lessons by e-mail at three levels every week - completely free!





Babel Fish Translator

Runs out of the Altavista Search engine. As with most translators, you enter text or an http address, choose which languages you wish to translate to and from,  and the machine translates (if possible) your request.



The Babylon Translator

Babylon is Faster and Easier than any Dictionary Paper, electronic or CD-Rom

Translates expressions and abbreviations

Babylon translates expressions such as "make ends meet" or "more or less" and abbreviations such as "btw"(by the way) or "asap" (as soon as possible)

Babylon is a comprehensive

Ultra rich vocabulary of words and expressions; Babylon not only translates words and phrases but also proper names and geographical places AND

Computer terms such as "ftp", "smtp"

Medical terms such as "macrosomia" and "endoscopic surgery"

Legal terms such as "seisin" and "arbitration clause"






Mag's Word Finder

Ever wondered how many words you could make out of the letters in your name? Choose a dictionary, type in a word or phrase, and fire away! There is also a list of other word games on the web


Spelling Rules

Spelling rules are there. The site will not win any awards for visual design, but it has the most common rules.



Vocabulary in context sites

Many people believe, myself included, that vocabulary is best learned in context. With this idea in mind, I'd like to offer this ever expanding vocabulary resource, placing vocabulary in contextual areas and presented in a quiz format. You will also find vocabulary reference tools and guides.



WordNet 1.6 Vocabulary Helper

Enter a word and let the search engine explore the multiple variations of that word.





Gav and Peloso's Interactive Story

This is a moderated choose-your-own-adventure type of story where you get to write the story, and follow the story as it grows (and takes up much needed hard drive space.) You can even copy down the story location and come back to it later to see how it's grown.



International Writing Exchange

Started in 1993, this fast became the most popular collaborative writing activity of the HUT Email Writing Project, largely due to it's firm yet flexible structure.

It's a flexible communicative project, with students writing to and receiving feedback from their global peers as well as their teacher.

The 5 main phases of each module are:

Introductory letterwith teacher feedback, and student's revised version

Article on a topic, e.g., Love and Marriage

Peer feedback 1, author's response, 3 , 4 and 5

Teacher feedback, followed by self-study, e.g., with Help Pages and XE demo, and exercises created by class teacher and peers

Virtual conference in  HUT Virtual Language Centre

Evaluation and selection for IWE Journal



Paragraph Punch Website

This web site is designed to help users learn how to write a basic paragraph. This is a free online lesson based on our popular Windows 95/98/NT application, Paragraph Punch.

Users develop an idea and write their own topic sentence, body, and conclusion. Program prompts guide students step by step through pre-writing, writing, organizing, editing, rewriting, and publishing.

Students’ completed paragraphs can be transferred to a word processing program, HTML editor, or e-mail application



The Quotations Page

This page was originally developed as a catalog of Quotation resources on the Internet; it has since evolved into a large-scale Quotation site with many original resources.



The Student Showcase

The student showcase is an electronic magazine, containing articles and

prose written by high school students. Although minor changes may have been made, the materials contained herein have not been professionally edited, and may contain errors in syntax or usage as they appeared in the students' original submissions.

Materials have been organized by content for easier browsing.

Feature Articles

 Are You Stupid?

 Cigarette Smoking: A bad or a good thing?

 Drugs: Should we or shouldn't we?

 Stop the Bloodshed

 They are Not Different


 To Serve or Not to Serve (That is the question)



Wacky Web Tales

Wacky Web Tales is a story generator. Student inputs a series of required words (noun, past tense verb, exclamation, etc) and the program generates a short story. There is help on the parts of speech. There are also examples of published tales from other students. Target is Grade 4 (native speakers presumably).







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