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English On-line



Dave Sperling's ESL Chat Central

Main entrance to the ESL Chat Café. First time users must register (you will need an email account in order to receive a confirmation number). You must enter this number within a short time period in order to be fully registered. It is used as a precaution against others entering your name and abusing priviledges.  Afterwards, you will have access to the chat area and can choose a room according to level/interests. There are separate rooms for teachers and for students.




Kidlink is a grassroots organization aimed at getting youth through the age of 15 involved in a GLOBAL dialog.



Laurie's Internet Chat Site

A Java based, easy to use chat site on the www. You enter a name and off you go. The following additional instructions might be useful to know:                                              

/quit  This command will let you leave the chat again.

/me does something.  Sends an "action" or "emotion" to a channel. 
/msg username text  Sends a text privately to the user with the given name 
/join channel  Allows you to open another channel 
/whois username  Requests additional information about the user with the given name 
/who channelname  Shows a list of all the users in the given channel name 
/users  Shows a list of all users on the server 
/ignore username  Ignores the user with the given name, that means, you will not receive any more messages from that user 
/unignore username  Stops ignoring the given user again 
/ignorelist  Shows a list of all users you ignore 
/oplist  Shows a list of temp and perm operators (ops) and marks the temp ops with brackets. 
/oplist channel  Shows a list of temp and perm operators (ops) in the given channel. 
/away message  Switches to away mode and sets the away message 
/away  Leaves the away mode again



Learning HOW to CHAT

Okay, so you want to chat, but wait, wait! Before you begin, I'd like to suggest a few ideas that will make communicating at the Chat Center a fun experience.  Includes simple instructions and guidlines for CHAT etiquette/protocol.



Randall's ESL Chat Centre

This site is designed for both ESL and EFL students and teachers around the world. Visitors can chat in several different rooms, create their own private chat areas, find pen friends via the WebBoard, and more.

Teachers can use the Chat Center as part of classroom activities or as a means of communicating with other educators.



Yahoo Chat

Excellent variety of topics of interest to young people. Because of the nature of chat as a means of communication, it might best be categorised under the content block "Oral Communication" as it is more oral in 'nature' than written!




Acronym Finder

Look up 124,800 acronyms/abbreviations & their meanings.

A searchable database containing common acronyms and abbreviations about all subjects, with a focus on computers, technology, telecommunications, and the military.



An English Homophone Dictionary

Homophones are words that are pronounced alike even if they differ in spelling, meaning, or origin, such as "pair" and "pear". Homophones may also be spelled alike, as in "bear" (the animal) and "bear" (to carry). But this list consists only of homophones that are not spelled alike. Homonym is a somewhat looser term than homophone, sometimes referring to all homophones and only homophones, and sometimes referring to the subset of homophones that are spelled alike.



Cambridge University Press Online Dictionary

Enter one word that you wish to search for in the space provided.

For example, to search for the idiom try your luck, type either try or luck.

You may choose from the Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs or Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms.



Net Lingo

A collection of net acronyms, CHAT phrases, email smileys... All about Internet language.



One Look Dictionary

Dictionary word count = 2994189 words in 595 dictionaries now indexed This website indexes other dictionary indexes. Simple to use



Roget's Thesaurus

Alphabetical:  Browse the thesaurus through the alphabetical index of headwords

Categorial Outline: Browse the thesaurus through the six broad categories into which Mr. Roget classified the entire vocabulary of the English language



Roget's Thesaurus (2)

Another version of the famous Thesaurus.



Synonym Dictionary

This is a project at Vancouver Webpages to generate copyright-free lists of English synonyms for a search engine. For a more comprehensive list, go to WordNet (http://vancouver-webpages.com/wordnet/index.html)



The Anagram Dictionary

It's interesting the number of anagrams that are fitting: Eternity and entirety, backward and drawback, discern and rescind, demand and madden, comedian and demoniac, American and cinerama, aspirate and parasite, oldies and soiled, lust and slut, to name a few of many hundreds. Certainly there'd be some impact on the meanings and popularity of words from how they sound and look. To some small degree we've been subconsciously shaping our language to make nice anagrams since it began.



The Dictionary

Have a question about words, grammar or language?



The On-line Slang Dictionary

Though Webster publishes a slang dictionary, it could potentially take years for a new word or phrase to enter its pages. Now, with the power of the Internet, it can be in a dictionary in a matter of hours. This page depends entirely on your contributions. You'll find a form at the end of the page to add new material. Read with caution. This dictionary has been written as tastefully as possible, but some language might be offensive to some readers. Note that dates are in day-month-year format.  The dictionary was getting rather large, so I have split it into four volumes: A through E, F through K, L through R, and S through Z. Hopefully it will help you browse more easily.



The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary

What can I do with the rhyming dictionary?

You can use it to help write poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, witticisms, and more. Using the three phonetic query functions described below, you can find words that rhyme with, almost rhyme with, or sound exactly the same as a certain target word. Using the two semantic query functions, synonyms and ``semantic siblings'', you can find words that approximate or have the same meaning as an intended concept. Combining the two features can help you balance sound and meaning in a poetic writing venture.



The WorldWideWeb Acronym and Abbreviation Server

A list of (mostly) acronyms (abbreviations constructed from the first letters [or first few letters] of the words of a phrase. Technically speaking, an ACRONYM listing is not a dictionary.



Webster's Thesaurus

Type in your word or phrase and press ENTER/RETURN.



WriteExpress Online Rhyming Dictionary

Useful for song and poetry writing. Includes the following categories:  End rhymes, last syllable, Double Rhymes (e.g. Conviction, Prediction), Beginning rhymes




Dave's Email Exchange

There are generally two email exchange programs to consider. A class project in which you work in tandem with another class interested in email exchange, possibly English-Spanish, and the other is to just let the students search out an email pal for themselves. This site will do the latter task well enough.



How to write an Email message

This web discusses the differences between email and conventional letter writing. It is an excellent introduction to the sociocultural and coded differences between email and other kinds of letter writing. As email is fast surpassing "snail" mail as the major form of writing personal letters between peoples, it is important that students start by learning about the characteristics of email.




This web offers yet another opportunity to find an email pal for interchange. However, it also provided information for snail mail friends as well...



The Eclub Efriends list

This page will help students find students, students find teachers, teachers find teachers... To connect with and begin an e-mail connection that may last a lifetime!




Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Online

Like the famous CD Rom, only online and free. Has map indexes, subject categories (physical sciences, life sciences, geography, social sciences etc.). This is where a lot of students get answers for homework assignments and/or projects.




An online encyclopaedia from a multicultural perspective. We will be introducing various everyday habits and customs from various cultures around the world:  We want this "Multi-Cultural-Pedia" to be a site where you can find many ideas from different backgrounds. We would like to share customs, ways of thinking, etc. of various cultures to find how different, or probably similar, we are. We would like to understand other people more and at the same time understand ourselves.



The Knowledge Adventure Encyclopaedia

Information about a large number and variety of interesting topics. "A great homework helper". Simply type a word into the form provided and press enter.


English On-line

Global English Learning Centre

Practice your English... Take a free minicourse. Listen! Speak! Play a game. Sing along with Karaoke. Enjoy yourself and learn English at the same time! Chat with other English learners and teachers online--24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make sure all your English documents are perfect with the help of Your Personal Editor. Check out the GlobalEnglish Discussion Center and interact with other people from all over the world.



The Cornelius English Language Centre

The Comenius Group developed this site so that students, teachers and speakers of English from around the world can have on line access to relevant materials, lessons and products.

Choose from the following selections

 Learn about our Business and Academic English Writing courses.

 Find software to learn English The Comenius Software Shop.

 Meet English speakers from any country The E-Mail Key Pal Connection.

 Improve your English by Fluency Through Fables.

 Broaden your English vocabulary with The Monthly Idiom.

 Learn about John Amos Comenius.

 Learn about The Comenius Group.

 Read press articles about The Virtual English Language Center.

 Access some useful links for students of English.




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