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Online EFL Activities for Students




Aardvark's EFL Resources

Interactive English Language Exercises
for students of English as a foreign language (EFL). Grammar, Vocabulary and Idioms


About.com Quiz Central

A collection of online quizzes that are indexed according to their topic. Also indicates the expected level of the student. Has material related to the TOEFL exam as well.


Cloze Exercises

Fill each of the numbered boxes in the following passage with one suitable word. Use the TAB key to go to the next box. When you have finished press the SEND button to have your answers checked.


Dave's ESL Quiz Centre

[ Geography | Grammar | History | Idioms, Slang, & Words | People | Reading Comprehension | Science | World Culture | Writing ] From the ESL Café Guy!


Easy Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures

These are interactive JavaScript quizzes for students of English as a second language.
Perhaps native English-speaking children will find them fun, too.
Click the correct picture. You can use the RETURN key to close the alert window.


English Club Net Quizzes

A page full of quizzes... Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced in Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation


English Club Presentation and Public Speaking

The Presentation


English Learner.com

The tests on this page are in the order of difficulty; "Intermediate" means approximately two years of learning English (about 200 lessons); "Advanced" is somewhere near Cambridge Proficiency level.

To view the following tests, quizzes and crosswords correctly, you'll need a Javascript-enabled browser (at least Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher).

Some tests might load slowly; please be patient and wait till they load completely!


Hypertext English Language Practice

These pages provide information and practice exercises about the grammar and vocabulary of English. Exercises include the following areas: Phrasal verbs with 'ON'

Phrasal verbs with 'UP'
Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Relative pronouns
Grammar Quiz
Animal Idioms


Karin's ESL Partyland Quiz Centre

Grammar | Idioms, Slang & Phrasal Verbs | Reading | TOEFLesque | Trivia | Useful Expressions | Vocabulary | Links
All sorted according to levels: easy, medium, and hard...


Road Safety Project

The Road Safety Project falls into the category of the transversal theme "Vial". The Road Safety Project aims to encourage reading comprehension and expand
vocabulary, while developing online research skills.
The project contains the following:
Articles located in this site, including interactive comprehension exercises,
on-line aids and suggestions for classroom implementation.
Links to articles in other sites.
Ideas for guided research projects.


Self-study Quizzes for ESL

A Very Large Collection of Quizzes for Students of English as a Second Language
This is a part of The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students The site is organised along the following New Quizzes | Reading | Writing | General Knowledge | Holidays | Trivia Grammar | Homonyms | Learn About Places | Idioms, Phrasal Verbs & Slang | Scrambled Words | Vocabulary
Interactive JavaScript Quizzes for ESL Students


Spelling Rules and guidelines

Five Guidelines for Learning to Spell and Six Ways to Practice Spelling
-a handout for students-


The Case

Help solve short mysteries.


The English Corner

Hello everybody! and welcome to ' the English corner'. We sincerely hope that you find 'this page' interesting and useful in your daily life as teacher and we would like you contribute, sharing experiences, opinions, practical tips and suggestions. The web has a number of subdirectories: Resources
Travels & Holidays
Information & Contacts


The English Spelling Zone

Learn some basic spelling rules, then practice using them. Includes... Plural Nouns, [ed] and [ing] words, Comparatives and Superlatives


The Virtual Language Centre

A variety of areas of activities for improving General English usage. (Idioms, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc)


Tick Software for English exercises

Tick is a software for building exercises such as CLOZE reading, Crosswords, fill in the blank exercises. This web is an excellent resource for support and getting started with the programs.


Variety of Activities

Activities such as crosswords, reading comprehension, grammar, and matching exercises.


Virtual Language Centre: Reading

Reading exercises in using activities such as CLOZE, Comprehension, Jumbled Text



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