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300 pages for Students and Teachers of English

The most important aims we had in mind when we decided to create this website were:

To learn about and use new teaching techniques and resources.
To suggest new ways of teaching English that take advantage of current communication and information technological advances and to integrate them in the educational curricula of the Education Department of Andalucia Autonomous Government (Spain).
To pay due attention to students’ diversity by adapting the curriculum to their different needs and learning processes, thus implementing more personalized teaching techniques.
To help students develop autonomous learning techniques through the building up of new skills and study habits.
To improve EFL teaching and learning by incorporating new technologies on a regular basis.
To establish a solid foundation for collaborative projects with teachers of other school subjects, in the same school or with other schools in Spain or abroad.
To enable students to familiarize themselves with multimedia software and Internet tools (especially the web, e-mail and ftp), while using English as a means of communication.
To use resources available on the Internet in order to foster the practice of English. There exist websites with practical information that can be used in TEFL classes: grammar practice, mailing lists, listening activities, reading, etc.
To teach students how to use browsers, navigate through the web and reach the information they need. The Internet contains authentic material that can be used in a wide variety of project works.
To make students aware that the information available on the Internet can help them in planning their own professional or academic future. There exists a myriad of websites created by universities and private firms.
To gather a series of multimedia grammar exercises for self-study and self-correction.
To develop good group-work habits in students and teachers through the use of the same or similar resources and the subsequent information and experience exchange with other students in the same or a different school.


Athena Literature Resources

A page of links to sources of texts in English (medieval, classic, contemporary,) as well as literature in a large number of foreign languages.


CALL Lab Ohio University

Language Teachers' Resources
Resources & resource directories
Skill-oriented (reading, writing, etc.)
Lesson plans
Testing & Assessment
Bilingual Education


Dave's ESL Café

Considered to be the most important website on ESL/EFL/TOEFL/ESP. There are hundreds of hours of surfing inside this web. There is also an excellent, well organised Forum section for Chats and meeting others online. It has an Use English Only policy.


Earthlink Teenzone

Site includes sections on following: Weekly Poll; Advice for Teens; Chat Rooms; Comic Books;; Fashion and Beauty Tips for boys and girls; Free Stuff off the Internet; Jokes Page; Magazines: Music; School Help; Television Shows; Xtreme Sports



Practice Your English
Various sites to help you improve your English Language Skills.
Teaching Experience
Articles written by teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL).
Guide to English Language Schools and Colleges in Britain
Originally published by Short Books, this guide will help you find a suitable English Language course in Britain.


English and French Language Resources

A huge collection of resources for teachers and students on EFL/ESL including publications, activities, around the world educational sites, culture etc.


English for Speakers of Other Languages

This site is part of the English for Speakers of Other Languages Resource Site. It contains information that should be helpful for all ESOL students. There are links for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students organized into 8 categories.


Internet TESL Journal's Crossword Puzzle links

There are so many crossword puzzle pages in this site, that I decided to include the page of links to the crosswords. Teachers should read through the list and decide which theme, topic, or level is appropriate to their individual needs. The results of this self-access searching could then be communicated through the discussion area of this web.


Karen's ESL Partyland

Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English


Kid's Space

For younger language learners.


Learning English Online Topics Based pages

U.S. Culture and History
History -- Library of Congress historical collections
Slavery in the U.S.
Biography -- contains information on 20,000 of the greatest people in the world, both past and present
Herstory Links -- Women in History
Suzan Moody's U.S. Holidays Pages
Multi-cultural Calendar -- for information about holidays around the world
The U.S. Government
NASA -- information about the U.S. space program
The U.S. Postal Service -- a fun site for stamp lovers
The Whitehouse -- take a tour, meet the President, and learn about the most recent issues being discussed in Washington
Other Topical Links
Topics of Interest -- a wide variety of lists of links to topics of interest for research-based projects for ESL students
OPPortunities in ESL -- many on cultural issues
Mental Health


The English Club Network

Another of the popular and rich sources of links, activities, exchanges, news for Teachers and students of ESL.


The English Global Village

This site has a variety of the usual pages of links and activities, but also specialises in holidays and festivals around the world.


The Internet TESL Journal Website

An excellent source for finding material to support language teaching. One big plus about this site is that it does not have any banner advertising. The disadvantage is that the descriptions about the activities are a little uneven, sometimes useless. The are a lot of sites about activities that are clearly designed for native english language speakers, so I am surprised they are listed here. Perhaps the author of the web site needed links! This site has three areas of interest: Student Links, Teacher Links, and TESL/TOEFL/ESL/ESP/EFL news and up-to-date information


Tower of English

Fun site with variety of activities and projects for ESL students to use and practice English


World Wide Kids Web

Links to lots and lots of fun stuff, mostly geared to the younger learner.





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