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Listening Skills



A Snapshot of American Culture

This track of Real Audio clips is designed for ESL students at the Applied English Center at the University of Kansas who are taking a class in listening and speaking comprehension. The track is intended to give students insight into some of the various aspects and issues that make up what is called "American culture", as well as help them improve their listening comprehension. This track must be used with a Real Audio Player.


Randall's ESL Cyberlistening Lab

General listening quizzes using Real Audio Player. Allows you to download files to use on a local PC and is divided into three levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Also has a section for advanced secondary called Listening for Academic or specific purposes, divided into levels: Medium, Hard and Very Hard


Takako's Great Adventure

To listen to these files, you will need the latest Shockwave Plug-in from Macromedia, a computer with an FPU, and either Netscape Navigator 3.xor Internet Explorer 4.x. Macintosh users with Microsoft Internet Explorer may have problems viewing and hearing the story. Slower computers and connections may experience problems on the first listen. The second and subsequent listenings should play with no problems. Netscape caches the sound for a smooth replay; IE does not


The CELT Listening Page

A complex but interesting set of puzzles based on listening and reading clues. You need an advanced browser and possible a audio addin component to make this work.


The EFL Net: Learning online

ComAudio is the easy way to increase your understanding of spoken English. With ComAudio, news items, features, poetry and songs are played while the corresponding text is displayed on your screen. If you're not sure what a word means, just click on it and a description will appear. After listening to the item, you can try a quiz or play hangman. Best of all, new items are continually being added and you can download them (and the ComAudio program) free from EFL.NET



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