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Lessons online


Carmen's Activities and Materials

The exchange of activities, experiences and materials is always enriching. This is why I've thought of making available some documents and experiences of my own.
Material to photocopy
Glossary with British and American English equivalent words. It is not comprehensive, of course, it's only a list of words of everyday use which might be of some help for people traveling to America, specially if they have studied British English (as it is the rule in Spain). They are translated into Spanish. Available in Word format.
A pattern for the English verbs. PowerPoint Presentations: They can be used in class to introduce a topic and provide oral practice. It is better to project them on a LCD or to show them on a TV screen so that they don't lose some of their properties (as animation). I intend to prepare teaching notes and put them on line, but I'm afraid they are not ready yet. If you use Internet Explorer 4 with the Plug-in for PowerPoint, you will view the presentations directly in the browser. If you want to download them, you have to right-click them and select "Save as..."
The family: practice of vocabulary and Saxon Genitive
Routines: Present Simple and Time adverbials
Hobbies: Likes and dislikes.
Be a little patient, and I'll add more material in a short time


Classroom Discussion Question

All collection on the following topics...FAMILY CRIME SLEEP & Dreams
Holidays Driving Dilemmas Birth, Marriage And Death
Education Sport Food Environment
Work & Jobs Superstition Media


Discover Channel Lesson Plans

Pick a subject area to browse all our lesson plans for that subject regardless of grade level. You can also view The Complete Listóevery lesson plan weíve created, all on one page.The Discovery Channel Lesson plans are each broken down into: Vocabulary (with sound files to play a reading of a word in context from the literature), WWW Links, Questions, Commentaries, Activities and Educational Standards. A very useful resource.


English Town Teachers Resources

Add excitement to your classes by downloading award-winning EF lessons. Come back often to get updated:
Millennium Lessons
English in a new era. 5 lessons to get your students thinking about the future.
Fast Track English
Material for 5 classroom sessions: reading and exercises on music, movies, education, and other popular subjects.
The Whitbread Race
Lessons on the famous sailing race and some of its destinations: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, USA, and France.
Windows on Britain
Two Chapters from EF's award-winning textbooks, with complete texts from the Student Book and Teaching Notes.


Global English Teaching Warmers

A large collection of "Warm up" activities for teachers.


John's ESL/EFL Lessons Page

On this page you will find lessons that I have used in my classroom. They are all free for your use in your own ESL/EFL classroom. Feel free to download, or print, any lesson on this page. There is also a place for you to submit lessons that you would like to share. These lesson plans are for conducting in a classroom situation, not online.


Primary School English (ESL) Games

Welcome to some cool English Games Ideas that will make your lessons seriously fun! The site targets the learner level and includes a message about the skill that is being developed/practiced: Vocabulary, conversation, Parts of the body, Days of the week, listening... But the activities are lesson based plans to be used in your CLASSROOM, they are not ONLINE games.


Teaching Plans and Methods for EFL Classrooms

Teaching Methods and Lesson Plans for the EFL, Literature, and General Classroom
A web with a variety of ideas and approaches to using motivating ideas and activities in the EFL classroom. The author also provides links and suggested published resources, how to get them, where they are on the web, etc. Some very practical stuff here.
1. Using Plays in the EFL Classroom
2. Writing Evaluation Form
3. Teaching Summary Writing
4. The Talking Quiz -Encouraging Students to Read their Homework!
5. Classroom Management Student Teaching - Aunt Alice column


The Aesop Lesson Plan area

This page has links to many contributors ways of working with Fables in classrooms, and includes some good links to other lesson plan areas on the WWW. Visitors enter lesson plan ideas related to the Aesop fables they use in their classrooms. Some of the contributors provide links to their personal web pages where you can find the material to download and use in your own classes.


The Instant Lesson

How to Use.
1. The Instant Lesson has a simple layout to make it easy to print.
2. The printer and browser should be at default settings.
3. Go to the FREE Instant Lesson on the next page (using the hyperlink)
4. Print.
5. Photocopy and teach. (You may choose to cut and paste the pages of the Instant Lesson after printing.


The Lesson Plans page

This Site - The Lesson Plans Page is our collection of approximately 550 free lesson plans, mostly in elementary education. Many of these lesson plans have been submitted to our site through our on-line lesson plan submission form where you can also add your own lesson plans to the resource. You will find, in addition to individual lesson plans that they have on file, a large number of links to other webs that have plenty of lesson plans online as well. A WELL of resources on lesson plans.


The TESL Online Journal Lesson Links

177 Trivia Questions
99 Ways to Say "Very Good". Students may find this interesting.
A Classroom Paper Easter Egg Hunt
A co-op activity in which students hunt for paper eggs hidden in the classroom.
A Fun Reading Comprehension Activity
A Handout for the First Class Meeting
A Lively Vocabulary Game
A Man for Every Purpose - Increasing Learners' Vocabulary Awareness
A Practical Guide for Japanese Traveling to the USA
A Simulation for Business English Students (A Six-Unit Course)
A Thematic Week at a Small School
A Way to Teach Culture: Guns or No Guns
A Way to Teach Culture: Large cups, small cups, whose cups?
AAUW English As A Second Language Project. Downloadable worksheets which can be used with (or without) their textbooks.
Absolutely Easter
Learn about the real meaning of Easter, then take an online quiz.
Accidents in the Home
Activating Content-Based Assessment (45 Minute Classroom Activity)
Activity Search Engine. Reading Activities Designed for Native-Speaker Elementary School Students
Addison Wesley Longman's Free Lesson Plans. Balloons, ESL Accelerating, Creative Questions, Business English Recipes, Activator, ... PDF format
Advanced English Skills For ESL Students. Skill based exercises to help students overcome stubborn language obstacles
An Activity for Teaching ESL/EFL Students to Make Quick Replies
An Activity for Teaching Intonation Awareness to ESL/EFL Students
An Activity for Teaching Prepositions Associated with Time
An Activity for Teaching the Purposes of Discourse
An ESL Lesson. Students will be able to visually and orally identify the following places within a city in English.
An Intercultural Communication Simulation
An Old Exercise - Teacher less Tasks...Lower to Upper Intermediate Level, 15-20 minute lesson
Anagram: A Vocabulary Development Game
Apples, Oranges, and Onions. A communicative board game to print out and use
Are you a Good Socializer
Australian Aborigines. A unit designed for ESL and adult literacy students at an intermediate level.
Bones of Contention: Listed Role Plays for Students of Oral English
Brainstorm of Activities for Teachers of Basic Skills (Bill Straub)
Bridges Between Home and School: Literacy Building Activities for Non Native English Speaking Homes
Bringing Culture into the Classroom
Buttoning Down Abstracts: Button Taxonomy. A Vocabulary & Critical Thinking Exercise
Canadian Living English - Dialogues (Dialogues: Restaurants, Hotels, Gas Station
Car Budget Activity
Card & Related Games for ESL/EFL. Games for Downloading, Recommendations, Web Links, Forum, Book & Articles Lists
Checking into a Hotel in a Video-based Lesson
Choosing and Summarizing Internet Resources
Churchill House School of English Language - A commercial site offering free English language software and free lessons in .pdf files.
Clowning Around, a speaking/listening game. A communicative board game.
CNN Interactive: Reading, Discussing and Writing
CNN Newsroom Daily Classroom Guide. Activities and ideas which you can use in the classroom for discussing the news.
Collaborative Lesson Archive. Not Specifically ESL, but maybe adaptable, Listed by grade level
Communication in the Classroom (A 5-Lesson Unit)
Communicative Reading Activity: Read Aloud and Spot the Differences
Communicative Reading Activity: The Newspaper Scavenger Hunt



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