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As E.S.L. teachers we are aware of the serious shortage of quality resources for the English as a Second Language Learner. Sure there is tons of material to wade through in the book store, but how much of it is practical? The aim of this site is to provide students with practical everyday situations which they can take with them should they decide to travel to Canada.
But I'm not going to Canada...
Don't worry. There's lots here for all E.S.L. students. Whether you're going to the United States, New Zealand, or another English-speaking country, you're sure to benefit from the growing collection of practical everyday English dialogue. Immigration and Customs: Nervous about speaking English with the Immigration officer? This should help.
The Restaurant: It's all here. This dialogue models a typical Western restaurant experience.
Hotels and Accommodations: Useful English expressions to help you when finding accommodation.
The Gas Station: If you will be driving in Canada, this dialogue will be useful.
Directions: Asking directions. Includes a map and diagrams for your reference.
Doctors and Pharmacists: New! Making appointments, seeing the doctor and pharmacist



The Hot Spot Mock Job Interview

Can you survive the mock interview and land the job?
It's one thing to read about practice interview questions, and another to actually brave them. So, take a seat and face your job interviewers in this wacky simulation game. Choose the best responses to questions and you earn two points and move closer to a regular paycheck & benefits. Choose a mediocre or foolish response and you'll ease forward with just one point or get shown the door. Good luck!




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