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Welcome to the English for Foreign Language Teaching Web

Here you will find links to a variety of websites from around the world. Some of them are ready for your students to visit and work with online, while others are places to find interesting materials for your classroom teaching. I have included many sites dedicated to the professional development of Teachers of EFL, as there are invaluable free resources waiting for you on the WWW.

As with any WWW Links page, it is impossible to predict the daily changes around the net. So if you have a favourite link, or have discovered a 'dead' one here, please let me know through email, and I will try to add your link or fix the problem, whichever the case may be. Above all, I hope you and your students find these links useful aids to improving communication in the English language.

Jamie Fowlie, La Coruņa 2000

email:  jamie@sedeweb.com

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